Reopening Protocols


(based upon OPEC’s “Measures to Support Educational Management during the Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) Outbreak for the Private International Schools”)


Prior to Opening

  • All visitors and members of RST community must complete a Health & Travel Declaration prior to entry
  • All spaces at RST will be arranged in order to ensure social distancing of not less than 1 metre between each individual. Classrooms will have desks/tables suitably separated and pupils will be seated apart during lunch. One-way systems will operate in walkways and there will be separate entrances and exits. Clear signage will be evident around the school.
  • Prior to each day, RST will disinfect all spaces and surfaces, including learning resources and equipment.
  • Any individuals arriving at RST will have their temperature taken.
  • Alcohol-based hand rubs will be available at the school entrance(s), in every classroom, restroom, activity area and in all buildings/spaces around the school.
  • RST will provide all pupils at school with basic information about COVID-19, in particular how to prevent transmission.
  • Child-friendly mataerial and posters re COVID-19 will be placed around the school.
  • Where necessary to ensure 1m social distancing, some classes have been split, with pupils coming in to school on alternate days. And drop-off/pick-up times have been staggered.

During School Day

  • Before leaving home, parents/carers must

    a) check their child’s temperature. If the child displays a temperature on or above 37.5 degree Celsius, he/she must not come to school.

    b) check for signs of respiratory symptoms such as cough, sneezing or runny nose. If any such symptoms, he /she must not come to school.

  • A modified version of our Montri School Bus will operate.

    a) Montri will ensure that its bus monitors and drivers undergo a temperature check before they commence work. They shall not be permitted to work if their body temperature is on or above 37.5 degree Celsius.

    b) A face mask will always be worn by monitors and drivers

    c) Buses will be fully cleaned and sanitised prior to every round-trip

  • Bus monitors will check the temperature of every pupil before he/she boards the bus. Pupils with a temperature equal to or higher than 37.5 degrees Celsius will not be allowed to travel. All bus pupils must wear a face mask while on board.
  • Anyone entering the school campus will be screened for fever at the entrance. Any individual with a fever of 37.5 degree Celsius or more and/or displaying signs of respiratory symptoms such as cough, sneezing or runny nose, they will not be permitted to enter the school. RST will keep a record.
  • Everyone must wear a face mask while on campus.
    a) RST will ensure good ventilation and circulation of air in teaching spaces.
    b) All pupils will take shoes off before entering teaching spaces, except those spaces (eg DT, Art) where safety and cleanliness is a factor.
  • At the end of every day, or more often, all areas of the school (eg classrooms, toilets, play areas, dining hall) and all school equipment/resources (eg sports, music, science) will be cleaned and disinfected. Any intimately shared resources (eg music mouthpieces, piano keys, safety glasses, safety gloves) will be cleaned before and after use. Pupils may only bring in their own pencil case with required stationery.
  • RST will ensure that food preparation and food safety are maintained at a high standard. RST will provide safe drinking water dispensers.
  • RST is required to cancel all activities, clubs and extra tutorials. The school day will accordingly finish earlier (see specific information for each section of the school).
  • RST will not hold any meetings or activities that involve ‘a large number of people’.
  • Only sports that do not involve close contact of participants may take place.
  • Teachers will remind students to wash their hands at the end of every lesson or activity. Hand sanitising gel will be present in all teaching spaces, at the school entrance, in restrooms, and in the Dining Hall.
  • Pupils and staff must have their own water bottle.
  • Should a confirmed case of COVID-19 be reported in school, RST will isolate the individual immediately and will notify a public health official for further disease investigation, quarantine and treatment.
  • RST will ensure that individuals are not in an air-conditioning space for more than 2 hours.
  • The decision whether or not to send children to school is at the discretion of parents/carers.

End of School Day

  • RST will ensure that all pupils are picked up immediately at the end of school day. It will not be possible for children to play in the playgrounds. At the end of the school day, Scrummies will be open for takeaway only.
  • An RST COVID-19 committee has been in existence for several weeks. It will continue to evaluate the school’s preventive measures on a daily basis and will report daily to members of the school Executive.
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