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Our Senior Boarding Houses are Rupert Brooke and School House. They are run in the same way as a boarding House in the UK would be; they are a home away from home, an environment that enhances academic excellence, personal responsibility and leadership skills. Boarding at this age really does prepare children and young adults for life at university and beyond. Enriching friendships are at the heart of our boarding experience and we pride ourselves on the excellent levels of pastoral care on offer; boys and girls thrive here.

The Senior boarding life

We have two close-knit Houses for our Senior boarders: Rupert Brooke for the girls and School House for the boys. Both Houses come together throughout the week for social, physical and creative activities, but there is also time to find personal space and independence too.
Both Rupert Brooke and School House offer dorm rooms of 4 or twin rooms with shared bathrooms for younger students. 6th form students generally live in en-suite single rooms. The Houses have large common areas and facilities that bring young people together. Mobile phone use is restricted and our boarders do not have their mobile phones with them overnight.
Throughout the years, our Senior boarders will:
  • Build character, independence and resilience
  • Make enriching friendships and embody the community spirit
  • Improve language and communication skills
  • Grow through their adolescent years with love and support from our pastoral care
  • Discover their interests and prepare for university and life beyond

Meet the Senior School Boarding team

Rupert Brooke (girls boarding)

Jennie Windsor - Houseparent

Jennie Windsor and her husband Joe have two children, Jayden who is 9 and Ava who is 7. They also have a much loved Chiuaua dog called Sebastian. Jennie is an experienced Boarding Housemistress and Teacher of Psychology / PSHE as well as a keen runner, horse rider and recently has started to learn to play the piano! Jennie and her family love boarding and the extended family with which they live. The focus in Rupert Brooke is on homeliness, happiness and house spirit.

Rhonda Coetzer – Assistant Houseparent

Rhonda is an experienced boarding practitioner who cares deeply about young people learning and succeeding. Originally from South Africa, Rhonda has spent many years teaching and leading a faculty in her home country before relocating to the UAE and then China. Rhonda enjoys many sports and has coached 1st team netball, water polo, swimming and athletics.

Khun Aim – Matron

Khun Aim has worked as Matron in Rupert Brooke since the house was established and is a key figure for the girls. She dedicates her time to ensuring they are happy, secure, looked after and growing to be sensible, independent and strong females. 

School House (boys boarding)

Felicity Passmore and Chris Lindop – Houseparents

Felicity and Chris have lived in School House since the very start of the Senior School’s inception in 2018 and know the house and the boys inside out. They are both from strong boarding backgrounds themselves and have an in-built belief in the fundamental benefits of togetherness through boarding as their guiding principal. School House is run with much care and attention to detail, thanks to their commitment and genuine enjoyment of being around such a positive and fun community.

David Ennis-Billing - Assistant Houseparent

David has been involved in boarding management in different schools for a number of years and is now the Director of Boarding for RST. He set up boarding in the Senior School with Felicity and Chris. He lives in the boarding house with his wife Donna, who is Head of History, their three children Arthur, Opaline and Rollo, their dog Talla and cat Henry.

Khun Ney - House Matron

Khun Ney brings humour and an in-depth knowledge of the workings of the school to her role as Matron in School House. She really enjoys the daily challenge of keeping over 60 teenage boys on the right track no matter what that throws at her.

Our education develops the whole person. That’s the whole point.

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