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Our Senior Boarding Houses are Rupert Brooke and School House. They are run in the same way as a boarding House in the UK would be; they are a home away from home, an environment that enhances academic excellence, personal responsibility and leadership skills. Boarding at this age really does prepare children and young adults for life at university and beyond. Enriching friendships are at the heart of our boarding experience and we pride ourselves on the excellent levels of pastoral care on offer; boys and girls thrive here.

The Senior boarding life

We have two close-knit Houses for our Senior boarders: Rupert Brooke for the girls and School House for the boys. Both Houses come together throughout the week for social, physical and creative activities, but there is also time to find personal space and independence too.
Both Rupert Brooke and School House offer dorm rooms of 4 or twin rooms with shared bathrooms for younger students. 6th form students generally live in en-suite single rooms. The Houses have large common areas and facilities that bring young people together. Mobile phone use is restricted and our boarders do not have their mobile phones with them overnight.
Throughout the years, our Senior boarders will:
  • Build character, independence and resilience
  • Make enriching friendships and embody the community spirit
  • Improve language and communication skills
  • Grow through their adolescent years with love and support from our pastoral care
  • Discover their interests and prepare for university and life beyond

A letter from the Head of Senior Boarding

Hello and welcome.
When a young person boards at Rugby School Thailand, they join a family. The family consists of a House Dean, the House Matron and the Assistant House Dean, and perhaps a house pet or two. Together, our children and house staff create a community — one that is loving and inclusive, a home away from home for everyone. Tolerance, respect and trust are among the core values we share. We encourage every member of our community to be patient and responsible, to know their own mind and always try to be a little kinder than necessary
Coupled with our team activities, these common values are the foundation of the enriching friendships our children have within year groups, within Houses and between those in different Houses.

Offering more than a unique experience, our Senior boarding prepares our children to be considerate, competent young adults in their future education and in life.

We welcome everyone into this unique family!
Dave Ennis-Billing
Head of Boarding

Our education develops the whole person. That’s the whole point.

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