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Prep Boarding School

The Prep Boarding school House is called Marshall House. The House crest of the rowan tree is fitting for our youngest boarders as it represents a symbol of good luck and protection that we offer the children in our care. Our aim is to provide and create a wonderful House to grow up in. The Prep Boarding school is a home from home, and a place to maximise participation in the Rugby School Thailand curriculum and community. We hope that all children who pass through Marshall House will be kind, competitive and ambitious; fully equipped for the challenges of life in the Senior School.

Benefits of Boarding

Imagine a day when you walk to school, where all your clothing is cleaned for you, freshly prepared food is available every 2 hours and there are engaging activities to do from 8am-7.30pm. There is no daily battle with the traffic, you get to live in a wonderful green field site enjoying the fresh air and an abundance of opportunities to stimulate mind, body and spirit. This is boarding school life at Rugby School Thailand.


The sleeping accommodation is very spacious. Children are given rooms with a capacity of 4 or 6 beds, and these are regularly changed to encourage a big range of friendship groups. Every student has 4 drawers for storage in their bed, a bedside table and lamp. They are encouraged to decorate the space around their bed with pictures and posters, to ensure it feels like their very own space.

Every night there are 5 members of staff sleeping in the house. This comprises of the House Parents, the assistant House Parents and Matron. House staff are on duty from 7.30pm every evening until 8am the following morning.

Evening activities vary day to day, week by week and these are run by the rest of the teaching staff. They offer activity sessions that play to their strengths, and this creates a great variety of activities from pumpkin carving to face painting, slime making to sport.

Above all else we create a inspiring, loving and happy community for Prep boarders.

Welcome to the family!

Fliss & Tim Jones

Marshall House Parents