Prep Boarding School

The Prep Boarding school House is called Marshall House. The house crest is of the rowan tree, which represents good luck and protection. 


Our Prep boarders live happily in a fun and loving home environment. However, far from diminishing the role of parents, boarding is a special partnership between the school, the parent and the child. Within our wonderful international family of boarders, we offer expert pastoral guidance and help the children grow as people, fostering loyalty, responsibility, resilience, kindness and courage. It makes us enormously proud to see Prep School boarders leave Marshall House as happy, confident children, fully equipped for the new challenges of life in the Senior School.  

Prep school boarding life

Prep School boarding is full of stimulating activities and creative playtime amid nature and fresh air. Without daily battle with the traffic, your child will have plenty of opportunities to learn and grow, both physically, emotionally and spiritually. 
The evening activities at our Prep boarding school vary from day-to-day. From pumpkin carving and face painting to slime-making and sports, we ensure we are always nurturing each ‘whole person’, allowing the children to have fun and grow at their own pace.
We provide nutritious meals and snacks for the children in our care and a daily laundry service. While we have staff on hand to cater for the children, we also actively encourage them to help around the house to build that all-important sense of capability and independence.  
Our programme of activities and expert pastoral care aims to:
  • Encourage loyalty, responsibility, resilience, kindness and courage.
  • Foster community spirit and build lasting friendships among our children
  • Develop life skills and independence
  • Improve language and communication skills


Our Prep School boarding offers homely, spacious accommodation. The boarders share big bedrooms (known as dormitories), each with four to six beds. Within the bedrooms, each child has a bed with drawers for storage, a bedside table and a lamp. Our house parents encourage the children to decorate the space around their bed with pictures and posters, to ensure it feels like their very own safe, comfortable space. Children usually change rooms every term to ensure they make new friends within the community.
Every night there are five members of house staff staying in the house: the House Parents, the assistant House Parents and the Matron. This means our children can sleep soundly knowing they have all the care, support or urgent assistance they need readily available at any hour of the night.

Meet the Prep Boarding team

Fliss and Tim Jones – House Parents
Tim and Fliss have their own little boy, Freddie, and have strong family values. They understand that some of our young boarders are away from their family for the first time in their lives, and the importance of giving them a safe, comfortable home environment, with a sense of belonging. They ensure every child is free to be themselves while feeling loved, supported and heard.

Steve and Penny Dunn – Assistant House Parents

Steve, Penny and their three children moved to Thailand from New Zealand in 2018. Penny has been a registered nurse for 22 years, and Steve is a passionate maths teacher. Experienced with children of all ages, Steve and Penny know how to build trust and offer wonderful support to our boarders.

Amanda Harper – Matron

Amanda keeps the house running in order. From laundry to bed-making and being the first port of call at night, Amanda is much-loved by our boarders. Previously a research scientist and an expert in Muay Thai, she has enough energy to entertain and care for the children from sunrise to sunset.

Experience the fun, warm environment in our ‘home away from home’

Our education develops the whole person. That’s the whole point.

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