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Meet the Staff

A teacher with two students

Our boarders live in three large, purpose-built boarding houses, all with the common theme of being a happy 'home from home', but each with its own distinct personality.

Here, you can find out more about each house and the members of staff in them.

Marshall House (girls & boys: years 6-8)

Marshall House is a happy, fun and inspiring boarding house for our Prep School boarders in Years 6, 7 and 8, where the variety of evening and weekend activities are a particular highlight. Marshall House boarders share ‘family-style’ meals, where the boarding Houseparents are able to encourage healthy eating habits. There is a focus on fostering loyalty, independence, resilience, kindness and courage, equipping the boarders for the exciting new challenges ahead.

School House (boys: Years 9-13)

School House is a boarding house full of fun, laughter and teenage boys who make living together look easy. The boys' boarding community sees friendships grow across year groups, leaders thrive and talents be realised. Those who need support are able to find it easily, and those who already excel find others to push them. The house is an extended family, a tight-knit group of aspiring young adults who quickly learn that being part of the School House clan gives them an identity and fulfillment.

Rupert Brooke (girls: years 9-13)

Rupert Brooke’ is a happy, secure, home away from home for our senior girl boarders. The girls feel that boarding enhances their academic progression, personal responsibility and leadership skills, as they prepare for greater independence at university and beyond. Rupert Brooke girls value kindness and respect. We are a family of big and little sisters who look out for and care for one another.  The girls show great pride in their house, where every day they are challenged and strive to be a better version of themselves with the support and encouragement from those around them.

"Every staff member - from Houseparents to the Matrons - welcomes you and takes good care of you."

Bulaseth (Weekly Boarder)