Benefits of Boarding

An introduction to the benefits of boarding from RST's Director of Boarding

When a young person boards at Rugby School Thailand, they join a family. The family consists of Houseparents, Assistant Houseparents and the House Matron, but so much more than that… house mates. For too long our culture has perhaps been conditioning young people to become more isolated, to worry about themselves and to look inward at a social media profile or an online fix. Boarding is the perfect modern day antidote to that. Boarding offers plentiful opportunity not for isolation, but for togetherness, respect, tolerance and learning. Teaching young people the importance of togetherness in the modern world is possibly their most valuable lesson.

Together our boarders and experienced house staff create a community, one that is loving and inclusive, a home away from home for every individual. Care, compassion and trust are among the core values we share. We encourage every member of our community to be patient and responsible, to know their own mind and always try to be a little kinder than necessary.

Our team ethos and our focus on providing growth and leadership opportunities within the boarding family are our common values and the foundation to the enriching relationships boarding provides. All this coupled with our prized COBIS ‘Beacon Status’ award for excellence in boarding offers RST boarders something really special. This is the pinnacle of what we do best, the most obvious example of how we educate the whole person to be truly fulfilled.

Boarding at RST is a unique opportunity and a unique experience in which our unique learners become independent, mature and respectful young adults.

We welcome everyone into this unique family! Do come and see for yourself; it is an opportunity too good to miss.

David Ennis-Billing

Director of Whole School Boarding

Why choose boarding at Rugby School Thailand?

The boarding houses at Rugby School Thailand aim to provide a happy place where children live in unique international communities that have been created with their growth and development at the centre. With the care and support of our boarding staff, these ‘homes away from home’ also offer many other benefits.

Expert pastoral guidance

In the homely environment of our boarding houses, our House Parents and Housemasters / mistresses are present and available to care for and provide any support that your child needs. Our experienced, understanding teachers help develop core values and work on any personal or academic issues a child might be going through. Our boarding houses also have strict rules on mobile and screen usage, to ensure our children spend their time building interpersonal skills, discovering new hobbies and resting properly.

Less time commuting, more time engaging

Commuter hour makes your child weary, particularly in cities like Bangkok where the journey to and from school can take up many precious hours of the day. As a boarder at Rugby School Thailand, your child can cut out the commute and instead enjoy a short walk along green pathways to get to class. This means they have more time to engage with friends, in lessons, during free play, with new hobbies.

Friendships for life

The friendships our children make are among the most unique and rewarding aspects of our boarding experience. When children live together, care for and support each other and grow together, they foster a strong sense of family community that only becomes more enriching as they grow.

A sense of independence

From the first boarding years through Prep to the last ones in Sixth Form, our children foster a sense of independence. They make their own bed and help with laundry or with loading the dishwasher after snacks. These simple life skills build a sense of responsibility and self-sufficiency in our children. As they graduate, our boarders leave for university with a practical skill set and a mature attitude.

World-class facilities

The many facilities at Rugby School Thailand become part of our home environment. The playing fields are a back garden for boarders. Swimming, exploring the nature trails around the grounds and camping in the Outdoor Education Centre are our regular activities. Our boarders also enjoy fun weekend excursions to exciting local places.

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