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"A truly exceptional boarding school." (COBIS)

Welcome to boarding at Rugby School Thailand, where students experience our holistic education in the fullest sense. The students that join us quickly learn that boarding life is dynamic, fun, and active. They make the most of the School facilities and access staff expertise to develop further academically.

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As a leading boarding school in Thailand, we have expert staff to support physical and emotional wellbeing, whilst also encouraging confidence, independence and resilience. It gives us great pride to see our Prep School boarding students develop ready for the fresh challenges of life in the Senior School, and in turn, see our Senior boarding students graduate from our School with a level of independence that sets them off on their journey to university and life beyond.

"The house is really connected - we are all friends together and it's a really friendly atmosphere. There is always something to do."

The house is really connected – we are all friends together and it’s a really friendly atmosphere. There is always something to do.

Part Boarders

Part Boarding allows children to board up to three fixed nights a week during term-time (except half-term). The nights must be booked with the house staff, and they will be fixed for the whole term. Part boarding is available for students aged 10 to 13 years old only.

Weekly Boarders

Our weekly boarders stay at school all week during term-time (except half-term), and head home on Friday or Saturday afternoon for the weekends. This is a very popular option for families living in or near Bangkok, as it allows children to experience all the benefits of a large countryside school campus and immerse themselves fully in school life during the week. Rugby School Thailand is near Bangkok and we provide fixed transport to and from the city on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday each week. For more details, please see Transport.

Full Boarders

Our full Boarders stay at school all week during term time and enjoy the full weekend programme. All boarders go home between terms with many also choosing to go home for half term holidays and for fixed ‘Exeat’ weekends (usually two per term). Families can request additional time away from School through the boarding house staff. For our boarding school fees, click here.



45% Girls

55% Boys


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