The Boarding Bubble Basketball Camp

Photography by Andrew Kahumbu, who has been capturing life inside the RST boarding bubble.

As part of our special ‘boarding bubble’ sports and activities programme, we’ve had two expert coaches at RST to run an on-going basketball camp for everyone here. 


Tanner Hazelbaker and DeAngelo Hamilton (‘Dlo’) have been, quite literally, keeping the students on their toes! As well as being a fantastic opportunity to hone basketball skills, the basketball camp has also offered our boarders physical, emotional and social benefits, all of which help maintain good health and wellbeing. 

Benefits of basketball

Basketball is a brilliant way to develop the fundamental movement skills that young people need to learn. From a physical perspective, it improves fitness levels, motor coordination, flexibility, and endurance, while also developing speed, agility, and strength.


Like all team sports, it also helps our students to foster good emotional and mental traits, such as building resilience and nurturing good communication and collaboration. These are some of our core learner attributes.

The students have clearly enjoyed the kudos and excitement of learning new skills from professional players who have brought a great sense of fun to every lesson.  On a social level, the basketball camp has been a great way to get our boarding bubble students chatting and interacting with each other, particularly the new faces that have joined us.

A dynamic duo

It’s been great to have such a dynamic duo on-site to make use of our FIBA standard basketball courts and allow the boarding bubble students to run off any energy after academic lessons. The coaches work seamlessly together during each session, with Dlo leading and Tanner demonstrating the skill.

About Tanner Hazelbaker

  • Washington State University junior player (2010-2011).
  • Professional player from 2011.
  • Played in Turkey, Korea, Japan, Israel, Thailand, Mongolia, Vietnam, Philippines (2011-2020).
  • ABL player across Asia (including Singapore, Taiwan, China, Indonesia, Malaysia).

“Playing overseas is amazing. I’ve built a great reputation for myself and do camps and clinics for kids all over the world. I’ve played for huge areas and I’ve played for small provinces – all in which I have had an amazing time.”

About DeAngelo Hamilton

  • 2 time Washington State highschool 4A State Champion (2006-2007, 2007-2008).
  • Washington State player of the year (2008).
  • USA U19 Gold Medalist (2009); games held in New Zealand.
  • Full ride scholarship to Washington State University for basketball (2008-2011).
  • 10th year as a professional basketball player in 12 different countries: Turkey, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Mongolia, Vietnam, Philippines, Singapore, Indonesian, Malaysia, China, Morocco.
  • 5th year as a strength and conditioning coach.
  • 7th year as a personal trainer.
  • 6th year coach/camp coordinator.
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