Alumni Report: Class of 2020

As our second Sixth Form cohort head off to various universities around the world, we hear from some of our Class of 2020 on where they are now and how they’re getting on.

Sung Eun is studying Economics at LSE

“I actually think that being in lockdown for most of my time in London was beneficial for me because I discovered programming. I learnt how to code a couple of languages and get into machine learning so that I can build my own apps/websites + backend with some sophistication.

I’ve found my economics degree really helpful so far because I virtually only do maths, statistics and applied maths which is highly relevant to my interests.”

Minji is studying Economics at Mahidol University

“University online learning has been a challenge – it reduces the opportunity for face-to-face interaction with professors and friends. However, the pro of online learning is that less time is consumed in traveling which gives me more free time to revise or self-study. My academics have been good. I work hard to achieve the grades I want.

Although it is not possible to do extracurricular activities on-campus, I tried to participate in some online extracurricular activities, such as Hult Prize Competition (sharing business ideas). I am also going to be participating in organizing online freshmen welcoming activities in September 2021.”

Peter is studying Fashion at Instituto Marangoni, London

“I have been enjoying my time and getting to learn things I have always wanted to study in my foundation year. I am very excited to progress on to Fashion Design & Menswear for my degree.

I have been doing my classes online, I have contact with everyone in my class so I have gotten to know everyone. I have actually found studying online to be convenient, as it has given me the opportunity to be as imaginative and free as possible with my projects such as styling photoshoots.”

Chompoo is taking a gap year in Thailand

“I decided to defer because I wanted to take proper internships, however, I had to change my plan due to the pandemic. On my gap year I have been learning new skills, such as Mandarin and cooking. I have been reading more books and I have more time to paint and do things I love.”

Sasha is studying English with Business at Loughborough University

“I was part of the Hall Committee as a Social Secretary and I’ve been a first-year course representative for English with Business.

The first semester was almost running as normal with blended learning. The second semester was fully online which was difficult to adapt to. My social life has benefited from lockdowns as it made me closer to my flat mates!”

David is studying Economics at Warwick

“I couldn’t have asked for a better first year university experience, I enjoyed every single part of it. I joined different societies and kept up with sports throughout the year. I met a lot of new people who now are some of the greatest friends.”

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