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Scholarships at Rugby School Thailand recognise exceptional achievement.

Students may enter the school as a scholar in Years 7, 8, 9, 10 or 12.  Awards attract fee remission of up to 20% on both tuition and boarding fees. However, an award's primary aim is to recognise and support each student’s exceptional achievement.

Academic Scholarships

Awarded to students entering Rugby School Thailand who demonstrate high academic ability. Candidates who qualify will be contacted following the completion of an initial admissions entrance assessment. Potential and aptitude are then further examined through specific subject tests, prior academic records and interviews with senior staff.

Art, Drama, Music, Design AND TECHNOLOGY, and SportS Scholarships

Requirements vary within departments and age groups, but generally, candidates are asked to demonstrate at least minimum academic requirements for their age through initial admissions assessments, and additionally are asked to:

  • Provide a portfolio or record of achievement showcasing their successes to date.
  • Interview with the relevant Head of Department
  • Demonstrate their competencies in an audition, practical trial or by producing work under timed conditions.

Sports scholarships are available for these sports only: swimming, football, basketball, rugby, tennis, golf, volleyball and athletics.

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How to Apply

Scholarship applications are accepted from October to February and begin at the start of the academic year in August.

After initial screening, qualified applicants will be invited to an assessment day held in March. Awards will be confirmed by April and commence as the next academic year begins in August.

Changes to this timeline may be made for exceptional students.

Invitations are sent to current students who have demonstrated scholarship potential in February.

If you are a current student and would like to discuss scholarships, please contact your Tutor.

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