A teacher and pupils walking outside at Rugby School Thailand

Rugby School Thailand is a selective international school. Our admissions process, although different for each age group, focuses upon assessing three key areas.

  1. Academic ability and potential.
  2. Talents and potential in other fields (such as sport, music, drama and art).
  3. Qualities of character.

Whilst a minimum academic standard and a minimum level in English will have to be met by all Prep and Senior School pupils, strengths in any one of the three key areas may lead to the offer of a place.

We strive to be a truly global school. At the same time, we want to ensure the integrity of Thai culture and customs. Therefore, the international mix we aim to achieve at all times is 50:50, Thai children to other nationalities. By building our school in this way, everyone will benefit from cultural diversity.

Please see our Policies & Procedures for more detail on admissions.