Sixth Form

The British Sixth Form refers to the final two years of secondary school. Here at Rugby School Thailand, our Sixth Form day runs from 8am until 5.50pm. It involves two distinct parts: academic lessons from 8.20am until 3pm and activities, enrichment and prep (homework) from 3pm until 5.50pm.

We offer the A Level curriculum in the LXX and XX (Sixth Form). Recognised by universities around the globe, A levels are the most popular post-16 qualifications in both the UK and the International Schools sector across the world.

Rugby School Thailand also offers the General Educational Development course or the GED to students who may not have met the entry requirements for A Level courses.

The aim of Rugby School Thailand Sixth Form is not just to help our children get into the best universities in the world, but for them to excel once they are there. Our Sixth Form curriculum is consequently broad and encourages independent thought and leadership. Our young adults develop the qualities of well-rounded individuals with a range of interests and the ability to think for themselves.

Our Sixth Form experience offers two mentoring sessions each week. One section focuses solely on academic issues, the other on service and softer skill development. Our classes are small, so our teachers and specialists can fully guide and support our young adults on both their academic and personal journeys.


Our Sixth Form students must complete at least one hour of service each week during term time, although most do much more. We offer a Community Action Program (CAP), where our students can engage in leadership programs and the local communities. For instance, we have partnered with Wat Koh school in Rayong to help them develop a ‘bamboo’ school, which refers to the practice of improving local education with community development. As the first international school in the country to form such a close, mutually constructive partnership, we are proud of the initiative.

Examples of the services our Sixth Form students enjoy:

Run a social enterprise and gain business skills – Our children run many different social enterprises and use their profits to help fund local charities. These have included a Halloween disco and fun run.
Lead the charity committee – The charity committee of students from all year groups brainstorms and decides what charitable actions they will organise. In the first term of Rugby School Thailand, our children organised events that raised THB250,000. They met with the school government of the ‘bamboo’ school and have set up a sustainable partnership.

Teaching younger children – Some of our senior students enjoy helping younger children at Rugby School to read, improve their Mathematics and learn Chinese.

Our Sixth Form students also enjoy opportunities to run an eco-farm as a social enterprise, teach English to the community at Wat Koh School and organise sports tournaments. They cultivate independence, creating and arranging their own service. Each student has a weekly mentoring session to discuss their service, including how they can improve their own programme.


As an integral part of nurturing ‘the whole person’, every Sixth Form student, as well as the rest of our school enjoy an array of activities. One of our most popular co-curricular activities for Sixth Form children is The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award (DoE). The award fosters holistic development and well-being in young people, encouraging our children to complete one hour of weekly voluntary service, learn a skill, enjoy physical exercise and an adventurous journey.

Adventurous Journey

Our Sixth Form students enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime school trip to geographically and culturally enriching places. Our most recent trip was to Borneo. The students planned a trek through the jungle, learned first aid training, whitewater rafting, and personal development, as well as enjoyed team-building activities.
For details about our other activities, please see Co-Curricular.

Careers Programme

Each of our Sixth Form students has a passionate, experienced tutor to help guide and prepare them for university entrance. With a maximum of five tutees, our tutors can offer detailed, personalised advice and accompany our children to career and university fairs.
In addition to helping our children get into universities in England, Thailand, Malaysia, China, Scotland, Sweden, Switzerland, the USA, Australia and New Zealand, we also offer an active Oxbridge programme. This will involve medical and other necessary programmes. Each of our children will receive detailed advice on each of their applications.
Apart from helping our children get ready for their entry into university, we also prepare them for life as a student. Our young adults enjoy a full programme that includes healthy cooking in our home economics lab, budgeting and considering how to balance social life and work commitments at university.
Our careers programme helps our children thrive beyond university. Each of our Sixth Form students enjoys a period of meaningful work experience, usually during the summer break between LXX (Year 12) and XX (Year 13). They also learn how to write letters of application, make follow-up calls and ace an interview, as well as politely and effectively negotiate in everyday life.

Entry requirements

To gain entry to the Sixth Form at Rugby School Thailand, students must show an academic aptitude and the ability to study at least three A Levels to conclusion. Whilst English as an Additional Language (EAL) support is available, students must be sufficiently proficient in English to meet this academic requirement. For most A Level courses, students must have achieved at least a B grade at GCSE or equivalent in that subject. As a general guide, students must have achieved at least five GCSEs, including Mathematics and English with a grade of C/4 or above.
For details about school fees, click here. For further enquiries about our Sixth Form, please contact us.


Scholarships may be available for exceptional students in academia, music and sports. For more details, click here.

Our education develops the whole person. That’s the whole point.

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