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We follow the UK GCSE specification, which allows our senior students to choose independently the media, the artists and the themes they want to explore. Throughout the course, they’ll practice problem solving, concept development, organisation, time management and teamwork. Trips to art museums are also part of the course. The course comprises one non-examined project and one project based upon a theme assigned by the exam board, which includes a 10-hour practical exam.
Rugby School’s Biology course will cover a wide range of topics, from the organisation of cells and DNA to the spread of and defence from infections within a population. Through creative experiments, our children will sharpen their critical thinking as well as other practical skills. The course comprises two written examinations.
We follow a learning-by-doing approach in our Business course. By visiting companies and taking part in business activities, our students will learn more than business acumen. They’ll develop their leadership, organisational and teamwork skills and learn how to best apply their knowledge to real-life situations. The course content involves operations management, financial decision-making, marketing and more. Students will have to complete two written examinations to pass the course.

Through a well-structured curriculum and practical learning approach, our students will develop a thorough understanding of Chemistry and the scientific process. They’ll also learn how to apply the knowledge in day-to-day situations. The course content covers the atomic structure, the bonding and properties of matter and trends within the periodic table and more. The course includes two examination papers.

Through both theoretical lessons and practical activities, our students will learn about the foundational principles, design and development of computer systems. They’ll explore data, cybersecurity, different types of hardware and software and programming, as well as how each component of the systems interrelate. They’ll enjoy writing codes and brainstorming on creative ways to solve problems, which encourages practical application of the knowledge and skills in their everyday lives. The course includes two written examinations.
Through practical lessons and with advanced learning resources, our students will learn to express their ideas in 2D and 3D work, using a variety of techniques, including digital technology, CAD, CAM and 3D printing. They’ll have a good understanding of the history of design and technological innovation and the basic concepts, as well as the responsibilities of designers. The course consists of one non-examined project and two papers.

The Cambridge IGCSE in Drama aims to help students understand the theatre and its theoretical framework, while also developing their performance skills. The course content includes a study of an extract of a published play, a writing assignment on a play and an individual and a group performance. The course includes both written examinations and coursework.

Our English as a First Language course encourages our children to read widely, speak fluently and write accurately in preparation for further study. We expect most pupils to take the course, including those who have different home languages. The course includes two written examinations

Our Cambridge IGCSE English language course is ideal for students who want to improve their working knowledge of the language. Our children will develop their reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. This will help them reach their full potential in all of the IGCSE subjects of their choice. It’s also a great preparation for IELTS and TOEFL. The course consists of two written examinations and one speaking test.

At Rugby School Thailand, we believe that literature lets readers see the world through others’ eyes. That’s why our course content includes different types of texts from various historical periods and cultures. Through an engaging approach, our children learn about writing approaches, aesthetic theories and intellectual values of literature, as well as the different life experiences the texts introduce to them. The course comprises two written papers.
Our French course aims to help children develop practical language skills, as well as deepen their understanding about the Francophone world. This includes a number of different cultural aspects that range from music to film, history to geography and current affairs to literature. The course includes tests for the four language skills: listening, reading, writing and speaking.
Through Geography, we better understand the world and its issues, as well as how they impact each of us. Through fieldwork across Thailand, Asia and other parts of the world, our children will have first-hand experiences of how different geographical characteristics impact its people, and how different groups of people interact with one another and with their environment. We’ll also explore topics under population and settlement, the environment and economic development. The course consists of two written examinations and coursework.

Our History course aims to help students express their views regarding history and society in a clear, concise manner. They’ll develop an awareness about different interpretations of history, as well as build research and analytical skills. More importantly, they’ll develop a greater understanding of international issues and interrelationships between nations, people and events. The course consists of two written examinations.

Our Mandarin Chinese course helps our students master the language for practical communication. They’ll also learn about the cultures and civilisations of countries where Mandarin Chinese is spoken, as well as develop positive attitudes towards different languages, people and cultures. The course includes tests for the four language skills: listening, reading, writing and speaking.

We believe that beyond basic problem-solving skills, mathematics also builds other crucial life skills such as the ability to reason, think creatively and analyze critically. Our mathematics course follows a practical curriculum and learning approach, so our children find joy in practicing the skills. The course content covers everything from algebra to ratios and geometry to statistics. The course includes two examination papers.
Our music course introduces our senior students to music from the main historical periods, including both Western music and non-Western music styles. This develops their listening skills and builds an understanding of, as well as an appreciation for, cultural differences. The course comprises a written examination, a composing assignment and two prepared performances.
Our Physics course aims to nurture critical, scientifically literate citizens. We explore a wide range of topics including natural forces, electromagnetic spectrum, atoms and more. Our goal is to make Physics as practical as possible while also giving students a thorough grounding in the subject that they can draw from in future study and in life. The course comprises two written papers.

With over 550 million speakers in four continents, the importance of the Spanish language is evident. Therefore, our class prepares our children for the many career opportunities the Spanish language will open their doors to. They will develop practical language skills, as well as appreciation and insights on the Spanish culture through different kinds of media. The course consists of four tests for the key language skills: listening, reading, writing and speaking.

Sports Physical Education is an integral part of . Our course content extends beyond sport theories and physical activities. It involves building practical skills such as decision-making, psychological understanding of people, independent thinking and problem solving, as well as thinking and reacting under pressure. Our PE course consists of one written examination and one coursework.

The Cambridge IGCSE Thai language course is ideal for international school students whose mother tongue is Thai. They’ll learn how to write and speak clearly and naturally, as well as listen and read effectively. Combined with an excellent command of English, this will help them thrive in further studies and careers. Universities and employers also accept the course as proof of knowledge and understanding of the Thai language. The course comprises two written examinations.

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