Senior Curriculum

In the Senior School, our children begin to refine their key subject interests
and prepare for exams as well as future studies.

The F Block (Year 9) Curriculum

At Rugby School Thailand, the F Block is a crucial year. It is the time when our children learn the foundations that will help them excel at their IGCSE studies and beyond. During the year, they will enjoy a broad, diverse academic curriculum, with the opportunity to specialise in particular areas of interest. Our young adults will also develop, apart from the excellent academic standard of the British curriculum, core values and life skills in our enrichment programme, which is an integral part of our ‘whole person’ philosophy. Together, the academic and enrichment programmes develop intellectual curiosity, creativity, independence and resilience. They also let our children take risks, make mistakes and learn through experience.

Our children study the following compulsory subjects during F Block:

*Thai (compulsory for all Thai citizens)

Our children also enjoy a Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHE) course. PSHE covers a broad range of subjects, focusing on children’s well-being and aims to help them make their own moral judgements as capable young adults. Every child in senior school will also have an academic tutor who will meet with them regularly and support their academic progress. Children who study English as an Additional Language (EAL) can also have Extra English Support to ensure they are ready for the next academic step.

The E/D Block (Years 10 and 11) Curriculum

We provide an E and D Block curriculum to children in Years 10 and 11, offering both breadth and depth of learning. The curriculum is primarily based on the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE), which is an international version of the compulsory school examinations in England and Wales. Due to their global outlook and thorough academics, international schools and top UK independent schools, including our parent school, Rugby School UK, follow the exams.

As the most popular examinations worldwide for students aged 14-16 years old, IGCSEs are excellent preparation for A Level and other post-16 qualifications. The courses follow a detailed British curriculum administered by examination boards in England. At Rugby School, we use three examination boards to administer our examinations: Cambridge, Oxford AQA and Edexcel. 

However, despite examination results being highly important, we structure our courses around learning rather than assessment, and it extends beyond the limits of the syllabus content.

Each IGCSE course lasts two years and involves written examinations that are administered by external parties. Some courses include that which are completed in school and internally assessed, but externally moderated. 

IGCSE courses start in September of Year 10 and the examinations occur in May and June of Year 11. Cambridge IGCSE grades are reported on a scale from A* to U, with grades A* to C usually considered to reflect good performance. Oxford AQA and Edexcel IGCSE courses will receive a 1 (low) to 9 (high) rating, with 4 and above considered to indicate a fair pass.

Our curriculum comprises both core and elective subjects. All children must study English language, Mathematics and the sciences, which involve separate courses in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. For students with academic potential and interests, we offer English literature and further pure maths within the core timetable.

Our children also select four electives, including at least one language other than English, at least one of geography or history and any two other subjects of their choice. Following the requirements of the local Ministry of Education, children with Thai nationality must include Thai among their electives.

The table below shows details of the subjects children can choose as electives:

A – Humanities B – Languages C and D – 2 subjects (Free Choice)
Geography Thai (compulsory for all Thai citizens)​ Art
History French Business Studies
Mandarin Computer Science
Spanish Design & Technology
Physical Education (examined)
Any other subjects from group A or B

(It is possible to choose both History and Geography, and two languages.)

We expect our children to maintain a full timetable with a broad range of subjects throughout their IGCSE studies. Therefore, except in very exceptional circumstances, we do not allow our children to ‘drop’ subjects during E and D Blocks (Years 10 and 11). However, we may allow and assist with certain changes to elective choices until the end of Term 1 in the E Block.

Our education develops the whole person. That’s the whole point.

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