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Welcome to our preparatory school! Here, in our open, vibrant and creative learning environment, your child can take the first step of their transformational experience. They will enjoy a combination of practical learning, unique outdoor development experiences and a large array of enriching activities and learning resources.
Opening our doors to prep children in 2017, Rugby School Thailand draws from the 450 years of educational and pastoral heritage of Rugby School UK and the British private prep school model. We believe that modern education is about ‘the whole person’ with a healthy mind, body and spirit. Without a healthy body, a child’s mind doesn’t reach its full potential. Without the right spirit and qualities of character, our young people won’t feel at ease with themselves, with others and with their future in this world.

Here on our serene, 80-acre campus, your child can learn, play and grow among nature. They can also enjoy creative activities or sport of their choice every day after class during our enhanced school days without wasting time and energy commuting during the rush hours. Our boarding school and long-standing ‘house’ system also offers our children a happy, secure ‘home away from home’. Here, children build essential life skills and some of the most enriching relationships of their lives. They also grow confidently into the ‘whole person’ with the care and support from our empathic, experienced teachers.

Nigel Westlake
Founding Head & Head of Prep

Our education develops the whole person. That’s the whole point.

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