Prep Subjects

Our Prep School children enjoy a range of key and extra subjects. With a wide breadth of knowledge and interests, they will easily delve into the particular subjects of their choice in Senior School.

No matter the skill level or ability, our inclusive learning approach ensures our Prep children have fun practicing physical activities at their own pace. Through gymnastics, swimming, athletics, handball and more, they will learn about fairness, respect and sportsmanship.​

Through band practice, stage performance, or simply singing for their ‘division’ in a competition, our children develop the love for music and the confidence to try new instruments. They also enjoy inspirational performances from world-class musicians and visiting music teachers who are members of the Bangkok Symphony Orchestra. ​

Our art curriculum is a fun, practical blend of painting, drawing, printmaking and 3D sculpture including clay, digital media and collage. We visit galleries as well as sketch and paint on location. Our Prep children also have the opportunity to showcase their work in our exhibitions to family, friends and the public. ​

Through texts and plays from different cultures and periods, our children explore characters, themes and situations and develop their sense of empathy and morality. They also learn about the connection between body and voice, building core acting and directing skills which they can apply in their annual school play.

Throughout the course, our children explore both traditional and modern manufacturing skills including hand tools, laser and 3D printing. They also learn about robots and programming through world-class initiatives such as Olympiad, Lego League and BBC MicroBit. These knowledge and skills help them create their own functional and creative pieces that they can be proud of such as lamps, clocks, games, jewellery, desktop organisers and smart torches.

Our Mathematics Department aims to build a positive attitude towards Maths and helps our children achieve a level of accuracy and excellence that is appropriate for their stage of development.

Regardless of our children’s natural fluency in the subject, we believe that the right teaching can make maths interesting and enjoyable. We achieve this by helping our children recognise the role Maths play in everyday situations and technology. With a sound understanding of  concepts and processes, they enjoy developing the skills necessary to solve real-life problems.

By the time our children transition from Year 8 into Senior School, they will have gained a clear, strong understanding of Mathematics and be ready for their GCSE courses, as well as the UK common entrance examinations.

Our English classes in Prep School extend beyond the effective use of language. Our teachers use a variety of creative approaches to build and strengthen basic skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening. We also encourage our children to explore themselves, the cultural society and the wider world through languages and literature.


Through a wide range of texts and authors including Morpurgo, Dahl, Boyne and Golding, our children foster a love of reading. They also learn to appreciate and develop their skills in writing, from descriptive and empathetic to argumentative and critical. Combining ISEB 13+ syllabus with the depth of the English National Curriculum, our English classes prepare our children for IGCSE study and beyond.

As Claude Lévi-Strauss put it in Le Cru et le Cuit, ‘The scientist is not a person who gives the right answers, they’re the one who asks the right questions’. Our Science Department aims to foster a lifelong love of learning in our children. We seek to help them explore ideas through experiments, rather than by rote learning.


We achieve this by adopting a practical and multisensory approach. In our purpose-built, well-resourced science laboratories, our children enjoy a never-ending quest to find answers. But above that, they also learn about teamwork, independent study skills and responsibility.


With a solid grounding in scientific methodology and lifelong curiosity, our children will have the tools to participate in today’s increasingly science- and technology-driven world.

Following the National Core Curriculum for International Schools, we offer different Thaiprogrammes for our Thai and expat children. The former study the language, culture and history for 10 periods per week, while the latter have two periods of the class per week. Our children can also select Thai lessons as extracurricular activities.


Keeping the lessons fun and enriching, we challenge and inspire our children to broaden their skills, knowledge and understanding of the Thai language, including vocabulary and grammar, literature, history and culture.


Above all, our children learn about Thai manners, traditions and wisdom.

Our Modern Languages Department offers Thai, Mandarin, French and Spanish classes. Upon request, our children also have the opportunities to study additional languages such as German and Dutch. Drawing from the wise words of author Frank Smith, ‘One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way’. Our children learn more than the language skills, they also develop an understanding of cultural knowledge and awareness.

Our specialist teachers adopt a variety of approaches to help our children build proficient listening, speaking, reading and writing skills of the language of their choice. We integrate technology such as ICT, applications, academic software and a wide range of visual, auditory and kinesthetic activities.


Our children also take part in enriching events such as international day and online international languages competitions. We sing and dress up in traditional costumes, learning to appreciate the different characteristics of each culture. The diversity of our classroom also fosters an open, inclusive community where each and every child is respected and valued for who they are.


With a solid skill set, our children are well prepared for the 11+ and 13+ Common Entrance examination papers and up to the scholarship level.

Our History classes engage our children with stories and events from different eras. Within a broader historical context, our children learn about the passage of time and the connection and continuation between each historical period.


Through a variety of learning methods and materials, our prep school children will learn to build well-rounded perspectives, think critically, weigh evidence and develop well-grounded arguments and judgement. The abilities to analyse and discern matters won’t help our children thrive only in Senior School, but also in life.


Our Geography classes foster a lifelong interest and a broad knowledge of the world we live in. Our children learn about migration, global warming and the increasing occurrence of extreme weather, transport issues and pollution and more.


Through a variety of learning resources and methods, our children learn to seek evidence-based answers to their questions. They recognise that as the world evolves, each question can always see new, different answers. They think independently and also work with their peers as a team, listening carefully to others’ points, but also presenting their own thoughts in a positive and respectful way.


With a sound understanding of geography, each of our ‘whole persons’ is able to appreciate the world in which they live and their own role within it.


Our prep Computer Science programme helps our children familiarize themselves with the use of Information Communication Technology (ICT) in school and develop analytical thinking skills. During the prep years, our specialist teachers also aim to bridge the gap in skills and knowledge that some of our children face when arriving from other schools.


Our children will begin by studying basic computer science theory and concepts using office software. They will then learn programming and algorithm design and logic analysis. To keep the use of the internet safe and age-appropriate, we integrate e-safety and basic online awareness into our course.


Our education develops the whole person. That’s the whole point.

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