Prep Curriculum

The Prep School at Rugby School Thailand offers a broad curriculum.

Our prep curriculum follows the British curriculum, as well as the 11+ and 13+ syllabi of the UK Independent Schools Examination Board.

Your child will focus on the core subjects: English, Maths and Science, but at the same time enjoy Art, Design Technology, Thai, Mandarin, French, Spanish, History and Geography. Drama, swimming, PE, computing, music and Personal, Social, Health and Economic lessons (PSHE) will also play a big part in nurturing them into the ‘whole person’.

In addition to preparing our young children for their transition into Senior School and their future iGCSE and A level exams, our curriculum helps them:

Our Prep School consists of six year groups:

Our prep school children enjoy the following advantages:

Our enhanced school days are optional for children in Years 3 and 4, but included in the school day of children in Year 5 and upwards. Every day after class, our children enjoy creative activities or a sport of their choice. Our exceptionally wide array of activities include debating, archery, 3D sculpting, sailing and more. The programmes let our children discover new passions and grow holistically among their peers and nature, under close guidance of our teachers. The fun, relaxing routine keeps our prep children fresh and healthy instead of weary from the rush-hour commute.

Following the Thai regulations for international schools, all children must learn Thai language and Thai culture. The teaching of Thai language follows distinct programmes for Thais and for non-Thais. For Thai children, the minimum number of lessons per week is greater than that for those who are non-Thai. Children who hold a non-Thai passport may select whether to follow the Thai language programme or the non-Thai language programme. Those who opt for the non-Thai programme will learn Spanish and/or French.
All our children enjoy regular music lessons as part of their normal school timetable. They explore various instruments including piano, percussion and all orchestral instruments as well as voice, focusing upon performance. To help our children realise their full musical potential, they play in ensembles such as Concert Band, Orchestra, Brass, Woodwind and Percussion, as well as various age- and ability-related choirs. Such lessons and ensembles take place during our enhanced school day. We also offer additional individual instrumental lessons.
Each and every day, our children learn the power of imagination. They sing songs, make music and dance. Encouraged to explore new possibilities, our children also experiment with an array of media, tools and techniques. They consider usage and purposes while also playing with colours, designs, textures. Through a large array of activities and the support form our specialist teachers, your child will learn to express his/her own ideas, thoughts and feelings through design and technology, art, music, dance, role-play and stories.

To nurture the ‘whole person’, we believe that it is important that all children exercise regularly. We offer a nonchargeable main sports programme that takes place during the normal school day, as well as additional chargeable sporting activities.

Our prep children in Year 3 and above can choose to enjoy a daily sport session. Our main team sports are football, basketball, swimming, tag/touch rugby, athletics (track and field) and badminton. Other sports include netball, tennis, gymnastics, cricket, cross-country running, volleyball, golf, hockey, sailing, kayaking and more.

Our children learn about teamwork, sportsmanship and interpersonal skills through our regular inter-division sports events. They also enjoy an opportunity to represent Rugby School Thailand through our regular matches against other schools.

For those of our children with exceptional talent in any given sport, our Director of Sport, the Headmaster and a team of experienced athletic teachers encourage them to build on such skills. We remain ready to provide the support and help with the necessary special arrangements.

Some of our children perform academically above the national average and some are academically gifted. To keep them engaged and help them reach full potential, our academically able children enjoy extensive challenges through differentiation within each lesson form. Our specialist teachers also use an ability-based system in key subjects and organise special extension activities. Occasionally, and after a thorough discussion with the parents, we invite a particularly academically able and socially mature child into the year group above.

Our Support for Learning Department offers one-to-one or small group counseling and support to those of our children with mild to moderate special educational needs. We also provide specialist tuition in English as an Additional Language (EAL).

During any class or activity, our children receive constant care and support from our form and subject teachers, as well as our teaching assistants. 

Our Prep School children do their homework at school during our daily ‘Prep’ session. This takes place in the classroom and, where our teachers stand ready to help clarify questions or guide the children when appropriate.
Our passionate teachers and vibrant environment motivate our children to keep exploring and improving every day. Our pupils understand the learning objectives and expectations of each subject and have knowledge of the learning outcomes. Each school year, they set realistic, constructive goals. Throughout the year, they reflect on the progress they have made and come up with the potential next steps that will bring them closer to their goals. In addition to self-reflection, our children also learn to offer critical, constructive feedback through peer assessment. For holistic assessments, our children also receive verbal or written advice on how to continue improving from our teachers.
There are many strategies of assessment that are employed in our classrooms:

Our education develops the whole person. That’s the whole point.

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