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Group of students talk on sofa

Sixth ForM (Ages 16-18)

Sixth Form is an exciting time of school life where students study the subjects they are most passionate about at 'Advanced Level' (A Level).

Learning happens in a vibrant classroom environment with students sharing ideas and learning from subject experts and personal tutors.

A dedicated and experienced Higher Education team help guide all students in evaluating their strengths and supports them in finding the best fit university across a diverse selection of Higher Education pathways. Our graduating students are offered admission to some most prestigious institutions worldwide.

Sixth Form students are housed in our Collingwood Centre, which is our dedicated learning space. In fact, there are a range of specialist dedicated spaces around campus designed specifically for the Sixth Form students. We offer a broad programme of electives such as IELTS, HSK, EPQ and other academic enrichment and critical thinking programmes, which assist students in developing a breadth of knowledge, build character strengths and foster a love of learning. Students are encouraged to innovate, take on leadership roles and participate in service learning projects.

Our Sixth Form team will continually support students to thrive throughout their Sixth Form experience and to leave our care well prepared for successful futures at university and beyond. 

Group of graduate students in gown lining up
A teacher is teaching students in the classroom
A sixth form girl is writing in the classroom
Three students study in the science laboratory
Students are painting in the art classroom
Two sixth form boys looking at the laptop in the Collingwood Centre
A female student using the machine in DT Classroom
Two girls are talking in the classroom
Two boys play football on the field
A boy and a girl in gown standing at the podium
Group of graduate students in gown cheer up in front of sixth form centre

Being globally-minded is a priceless asset in today's interconnected world.