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Boys play rugby on the field

As students approach the culmination of their School journey in our Senior School, they start to see evidence of their successes and real-world value.

Educational success will look different for everyone; this is why we base it on improving the outcomes for each individual in our care. That includes not only academic outcomes but also social, cultural, and physical improvements that all combine to create confident young adults who are ready for the world beyond School.

All subjects are taught by qualified, passionate and inspirational teachers from around the world, people who care about their students and pride themselves on improving outcomes.

Our broad and balanced curriculum has GCSE and IGCSE courses in Years 10 and 11, and A Levels in Sixth Form (Years 12 and 13). The traditional independent British school model we use combines with contemporary education to embody values that cultivate students who thrive. Our Learner Profile traits are central to this, teaching students crucial soft skills to ensure they are resilient, reflective, versatile, globally minded thinkers, communicators and collaborators. Students need more than academics in a world that constantly changes and presents new challenges.

Our School ethos, 'The Whole Person, The Whole Point,' underpins everything we do. This is supported by the vast array of Enrichment activities within our enhanced Senior School day and the expert pastoral care we provide.

Students in the Senior School can also benefit from a world-class boarding school experience, living in a ‘home away from home’, with more time to study, gain independence, foster deep friendships and cultivate hobbies through access to our incredible facilities. Our boarders develop some of the most enriching relationships in our diverse community. 

Boys play rugby on the grass field
A senior school girl is painting in the art class
Boys are playing volleyball in the competition
Two girls are singing with a boy playing guitar in the studio
Students in period dresses doing ballroom dance
Group of boys cheering on table tennis competition
A teacher watching a female student using the cutting machine in DT classroom
Two senior school girls are doing the experiment in the chemistry laboratory
A close up of a girl plays violin

 Your child will develop strong academics, excellent personal values and impressive social skills.