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Two girls on stage

The Prep School at Rugby School Thailand offers your child an unparalleled opportunity to access a British private education right here in Asia.

Our Prep School has an exceptional teaching body, who place a strong focus on British academic standards. As with the rest of RST, this section of the School has world-class facilities that provide a safe, inspiring and happy setting for students to learn.

A broad and balanced education.

Our enhanced School day begins at 8am and ends at 5.35pm, allowing us to offer a vast array of sport and enriching activities. In addition, we offer boarding school opportunities from Year 6 (age 10+) to enable students to experience our day to the full in a 'home away from home' environment.

We promote strong values, alongside academic rigour, that will equip our students to thrive in a future society. We value our students as individuals and appreciate that all aspects of life - academic, sport, music and character - help create "the whole person”. A broad and balanced education plays a vital role in this, developing the knowledge, skills and values that enable individuals to flourish. School productions, music ensembles, project weeks and a varied curriculum offer this breath of experience, as does our robust Enrichment activity programme.

By offering a wide range of experiences, our students develop their skills in many ways. Our bespoke Learner Profile helps them to explicitly understand the relevance of core values in everything that they do. It is our aim that all RST students will become resilient, reflective, versatile, globally-minded, thinkers, communicators and collaborators.

Students performing with colourful umbrellas
Students gathering around a teacher in DT
A group of students are making the shelter
Two girls carrying 'Votes for Women' sign for World Book Day
Girls play rugby on the field
Two girls smiling in a lesson
Two boys are doing the robotic
A student and teacher playing wind instruments
A boy cutting wood in DT studios
A boy plays guitar with another boy plays drum
School choir singing
A girl in the wing dress on the stage with groups of people bowing in front of her
Yellow team in a debating competition at Rugby School Thailand
Two girls walking and talking in the playground at Rugby School Thailand
A teacher with students in the classroom

Our ethos, 'The Whole Person, The Whole Point', is at the core of everything we do.