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Mr Bruce Grindlay sits on the armchair

Mr Bruce Grindlay, school Principal

Our School was founded through a collective vision to bring better education to Thailand and to change the way children learn. We believe that every day at School is an opportunity to grow and develop intellectually, mentally, emotionally, physically and culturally. We achieve this through a holistic approach that combines academia with activities. Such an approach to education is the first of its kind in Asia. Just like our much-revered parent school, Rugby School UK, we focus on developing the whole person: one who is not only academically able, but also well-rounded. That’s the whole point and that is our overarching ethos that informs all we do here at Rugby School Thailand.

Education is about so much more than mere academic qualifications.  Of course, your child’s academic results in examinations are paramount and are their passport to the next phase of their educational journey, but we believe there are many factors that contribute to producing successful, well-rounded and educated young adults who will thrive in today’s competitive global community.  Educating the whole person is our whole point as the skills required for today’s world are more than those learnt in the classroom. However, we also recognise that your child is an individual and, as such, their educational journey needs to be unique to them if they are to be confident and comfortable and able to develop the self-esteem and self-confidence necessary for future success and happiness.

From the seeds of a dream to the reality of Rugby School Thailand, we are delighted to be contributing to Thailand’s educational landscape. Conveniently located in Chonburi, our 80-acre, purpose-built campus and its state-of-the-art facilities were designed by top architects and designers. Our vast team of qualified, talented teachers carry extensive knowledge and experiences from across the globe and they really care. Here at Rugby School Thailand, your child will learn and play in fresh air and rolling countryside. They can enjoy the lakes, bike tracks, sports facilities and a remote camp for bushcraft and archery. Above all, they will be happy and prosper in our care.

The right education is the best gift you can give your child — and the arrival of Rugby School in Thailand means you and other parents across Asia can do just that.

"Educating the whole person is our whole point as the skills required for today’s world are more than those learnt in the classroom."

Bruce Grindlay, Principal