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Our Owners

RST owners (Teeepsuwan family) sit on the chairs (Khun Chatchai, Khun Taya, Khun Nataphon, Khun Kamolaphat)

The Teepsuwan Family

The Teepsuwan family has owned 450 acres of land east of Pattaya for over 30 years. Mr Veraphan Teepsuwan held on to this land through difficult economic times with the belief that one day the land would be developed to complement the growth in Thailand’s Eastern Seaboard.

It was in 2015 that the family started to narrow its focus to the development of an international boarding school. The joint venture was put together between the three brothers: Nataphol, Kamolaphat and Chatchai, and Nataphol’s wife Taya (Srivikorn) Teepsuwan. The family decided to allocate 80 acres for the School with the hope that it would become the stunning centrepiece of a community focused on education, lifestyle, entertainment and leisure.

Once the decision was made to build a school, the Teepsuwans decided it had to be one of the finest schools in Thailand to act as a beacon of top-quality education outside of the US, UK or Europe.

Having all been educated overseas in boarding schools, as have their children, the Teepsuwans wanted their school to be a boarding school. They believe that a boarding school education delivers more than academic excellence, it fosters character development, discipline, teamwork and the skills to live with others.

Having considered over 40 schools as potential partners, the Teepsuwans decided to team up with Rugby School because it shares the same vision, ethos and determination to develop a unique boarding school in Thailand.

Working alongside Rugby UK, the Teepsuwans have truly created their “Dream School”.

"Rugby School Thailand is the first of its kind to provide students with a dynamic, enhanced School day, for both day and boarding students."

The Teepsuwan family