Our Pre-Prep facilities live within a purpose-built building called The Oval, which was designed in the shape of a rugby ball as a nod to our school’s rich sporting heritage.

Here, our children run and play in an open-air courtyard with colourful seating areas. They learn in the light and spacious classrooms across two floors and through a plethora of age-specific resources and interactive smart boards.

Our Pre-Nursery pupils open plan classrooms with direct access to a dedicated outdoor playground for our youngest pupils. The classrooms are a haven of different play areas, which encourage learning through play in many different ways. As our children move up through the Pre-Prep, they ease into more structured learning and classroom environments.
Within The Oval we have an Assembly Hall and music practice rooms, a soft play room, a computer suite, an enclosed Nursery playground, a KS1 playground that is complete with a slide straight from the upstairs classrooms, a bike track, a splash pool and an Eco Garden for growing plants (complete with a resident tortoise and chickens!).

We also share some of the resources with our Prep School, such as the 25-metre pool, indoor sports hall and school dining room. Our Pre-Prep children also enjoy vast space over several playing fields for sports use and an Outdoor Education Camp.


A spacious and airy design, the Prep building combines the comfort of the indoors and the adventure of the outdoors. Our classrooms look out over the surrounding countryside, inspiring our children with activities that await at the end of each day, such as sailing on the lake, football club or bushcraft.
The Prep building – which is formally named the Veraphan Building – is a central part of our campus. It is home to our Design and Technology space, complete with 3D printers, an expansive art studio with a host of different media, a state-of-the-art theatre with three additional performance spaces and a library full of awe-inspiring books.


Our Senior facilities cater specifically for the journey from F Block through to XX Form. With a state-of-the-art theatre, art block, science centre, Design and Technology (DT) and ICT resources, our young adults enjoy the space and resources to delve into their interests, explore their passions and prepare for future studies. Our dedicated Sixth Form Centre sits close to the school’s cafe, Scrummy, and allows our oldest pupils to work and socialise with more independence.
The new sports hall at Rugby School Thailand extends over 10,000 square metres. Here our Senior School pupils can enjoy learning a variety of sports, such as tennis, swimming, badminton, basketball and much more.

Our education develops the whole person. That’s the whole point.

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